Right now, we are in the infant stage of this website.  Until we can get a handle on shipping, we are delivering within Michoacan only. The delivery cost will be approximately 200 pesos per hour of delivery time plus gasoline costs. 

So if you are ordering something from the embroiderers in Santa Cruz and you live in Pátzcuaro, your delivery cost would be approximately 250 pesos – 200 for an hour of delivery time plus 50 pesos for gasoline cost.

We will be adding shipping to the rest of Mexico, the United States, Canada and Europe as we get this website up and running, especially if and when we get positive feedback. Any suggestions you have will help.

Handling charges will amount to about 100 pesos per delivery. Handling charges cover the cost of the website, the cost of accepting payment by PayPal, and the cost of sending payment to the artists via OXXO, among other methods.

If you have any questions about shipping, please contact Sarah or Jennifer at

All prices are in Mexican pesos.

A currency converter is provided for your convenience.