Guadalupe's Combi for the  Arts Presents

Art Workshops


Renowned as an art haven of the Michoacán Highlands, La Ruta Don Vasco de Quiroga is an area fondly explored by lovers of art, architecture, and history. It isn’t often we art enthusiasts are presented with an opportunity to engage in a creative experience with a bona fide maestro.


Last year, a few such doors opened along La Ruta Don Vasco. The concept behind Guadalupe's Combi for the Arts is to attract creative novices into the heart of the very villages where these fantastic arts are created. Spend the better part of your day in an authentic family workshop, utilizing traditional methods, tools, and techniques in workshops that have been operated by these artist-families, some for decades and some for hundreds of years.​


Normally, we offer classes in Zinapécuaro, Capula, Santa Clara del Cobre, Pátzcuaro, and Sanabria. Due to the current Covid-19 virus, we do not have any classes on offer at this time. Please contact us for more information.

All prices are in Mexican pesos.

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