Michoacán Arts is an online collective of handicraft artists from the Michoacán highlands. We are just getting this started, due to the cancellation of several markets during  the 2020 Semana Santa celebrations. 


Our preliminary goal is to start building a directory of Michoacán artists, assist the artists with sales, and give 100% of the proceeds directly to the artists. Once we have this website running smoothly, our ultimate goal is to train local artists how to maintain the site and market their work. 


Thank you for supporting local and Indigenous artists & culture.


We are starting this directory as volunteers from the Lake Pátzcuaro area. Our goal is to promote the local artists by maintaining this website and handling logistics that many artists are not set up to handle. This includes costs for maintaining this website and covering the processing fees for Paypal. If you would like to make donation, small or large, to assist us, we would be most grateful.  

We would love to recruit volunteers who have time to spend some of their time promoting local arts, helping with pick-up & delivery, accounting, editing, liaising with artists, translating, coding... the list is long!  Please contact us to tell us about your skills; we are confident you have what the artists  need.

Please contact Sarah or Jennifer at michoacanarts2020@gmail.com.  We are eager to hear from you! 

All prices are in Mexican pesos.

A currency converter is provided for your convenience.