Renowned as an art haven of the Michoacan Highlands, La Ruta Don Vasco de Quiroga is an area fondly explored by lovers of art, architecture and history. It isn’t often we lovers of art are presented with an opportunity to engage in a creative experience with a bona fide maestro.


This March, a few such doors are opening along La Ruta Don Vasco.  Guadalupe’s Combi for the Arts will deliver 6 novice artists to each of them, starting on March 18th.

Unlike standard workshops that attract the public into impersonal classrooms, Guadalupe’s Combi for the Arts will carry art-lovers from Morelia & Patzcuaro into the heart of select communities for a creative exploration in an authentic family workshop, utilizing traditional materials, methods and tools, under the mentoring of traditional, local artists.

Guadalupe's Combi for the Arts will depart Morelia each morning from Patcha Restaurant at 9 AM.  Patcha Restaurant is located at Aldama 373 B, on the corner of Calle Galeana and Calle Aldama.  The Combi will be stopping in Patzcuaro for select workshops, as detailed below.

Guadalupe's Combi
for  the Arts